DWTS Week 3 Results: Bye Bye Drew

  • I had no idea Samantha Harris was coming back next week when I wrote last night that “Drew Lachey should be next season’s host if the decision were made based on merit”. I thought he was filling in for the season and Samantha was coming back for the next… oh well.
  • I like Jennie and Derek’s Argentine Tango more now having seen it for the second time. Also it’s interesting that some couple did the International Tango while some did the Argentine version. Wonder if ABC decided it or the pros did.
  • Wasn’t it funny that the lowest scoring female celebrity on Monday night still got higher score than the highest scoring male celeb? Soon this will be a no men’s land… no men’s left…
  • Glad Floyd got the red light. Not just because he was bad, but I never felt he wanted to put in the hard work like others. Whatever “potential” you have means nothing if you don’t work to realize it. Not to mention I disagree with the judges’ tagging him with having the most potential (his shoulders are always up to the ears for two weeks now I wonder why the judges never point it out to him).
  • Yay to next week’s dances: Paso Doble and Viennese Waltz. Great pair! Jennie will do very well in VW but I suspect she will get Paso Doble, which will be a true test to her strength and posture. Of the women Sabrina, who has good upper body strength, seems to me to be most likely to give a good Paso performance.

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2 responses to “DWTS Week 3 Results: Bye Bye Drew

  1. I hope that some of the Men remain. It’s too much fun watching the female professionals.

  2. i hope so too! it won’t be much fun watching an all female final…

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