DWTS Week 3: Music, Host, and more

Random thoughts:

  • Music selection seems to have improved this season. For dramatic dances like Tango and Paso Doble, good music is extremely important because it can effectively mask the weakness of the dancer and make their dancing *look* more dramatic than they actually are.
  • Drew Lachey should be next season’s host, if the decision were made based on merit. However that won’t happen because apparently they are intending for him to just be a fill-in (as they say it every single time in the beginning!). Reason is obvious, it’s the law that one cannot lose her job following a maternity leave and ABC, with the show blossoming to a national phenomena, won’t be so stupid to let anything (not to mention some controversy that could potentially bring a law suit) to distract from the success. At least that’s what I believe it is, or else I cannot explain why they keep saying he’s “filling in” over and over again.
  • Jennie needs to work on her upper body. For some reason she doesn’t hold her posture very well, in both her Quickstep and Tango.
  • Jane had the best Tango of the night but again she also got the best Tango music of the night.
  • It’s obvious Mark Cuban’s hip is preventing him from doing the more difficult steps. I still don’t understand why he decided to do the show so soon after a hip replacement surgery.
  • Even so, Wayne Newton should be the one going home next week, not him (which I think could very well happen).
  • I didn’t like Sabrina’s Jive as much as the judges seemed to. Jive however doesn’t require much hip action as other Latin dances, which is a good thing for her because hip action to me is not one of her strengths.
  • Someone please give Tom Bergeron some award for hosting this show. He’s just phenominal. He and the three judges. It has to be extremely hard to find a dynamic combo of four people that work well together to make a show like this pure fun. ABC is very lucky to have found it.

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6 responses to “DWTS Week 3: Music, Host, and more

  1. It is very sad to see how much the contestants performances loose when they don’t choose the right song. A Tango has to be a tango, not a Paso Doble or something else. Mambo isn’t Disco. There are beautiful songs in those styles that were compose and written to be one of those, why do you force a disco or a pop song to become something they aren’t?

    When you dance you have to feel the music you are dancing. Then it is first priority to choose the right song to give that performance the feeling and drama of that style. That’s what happened with Mary Osmon, she did danced a Mambo, which gave her a good score. It was glamorous, elegant and sexy. Other couples, who have better technique, didn’t give that feeling to the audience because they chose a song that wasn’t in the right style.

    Dancing it is not only technique. Dancing is feeling, passion and performance. Dancers have to feel the music and transmit that feeling and passion to the public.

    Please play real tangos, mambos, rumba, etc. that way you will contribute to teach Americans more about other kind of music, cultures, etc. Don’t use songs in rhythms that are very far from their essence.

  2. Carmen, I couldn’t have said it better. And I absolutely think ABC should leave the task of choosing the music to the hands of the pros, not some guy working in the music dept (or whatever that is).

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  4. It’s one thing for a gender-ambiguous baby to grow up and tell the parents they guessed wrong. But I don’t think that’s the case with Chaz. AFAIK, Chaz was born with normal female plumbing, and a normal pair of XX (female) chromosomes. If that is indeed true, then every cell in Chaz’s body still has a pair of XX chromosomes, no matter what hormones he takes, and no matter what surgery was done. I think we’ve gone around on the various broad categories of dysmorphia or whatever it’s called. There are chromosomal abnormalities, such as XXY, XYY, or a chimera of XX and XY. And there are cases that have normal XX or XY chromosomes, but outward/inward physical abnormalities, wherein the DNA code was right, but for some reason the construction of the organs went awry during gestation. Then there are cases where the DNA is normal, and all the reproductive organs are normal, but the mind is just wired or programmed as the opposite gender. In the latter case it’s sometimes thought by some to be brought on by hormone levels in the mother during gestation, as is suspected in some cases of same-sex-attraction. I’ve known 3 male-to-female transgender persons, and in all three cases I first came to know them after they started living full-time as a woman. None of them struck me as naturally carrying themselves as a woman. All three seemed like they were _acting_ or playing a part, or putting on a show. They got better at it over time, but it seemed like they had to learn how to act as a woman. Therefore, at least in those 3 cases, I did not fully buy into the idea that they were really a woman on the inside all along. If they had been, I don’t think they would have needed to “put on an act” of acting like a woman. I’ve known butch lesbians and tomboy-ish girls who were more “natural women” than those TG’s.That “pretending” (the awkward and obvious efforts made at altering their bearing) was more disconcerting than the outwardly physical awkwardness of them not knowing (at that time, they got better as time went on) how to dress in a feminine manner or put on makeup. Trying to have a gospel outlook helps me be charitably minded towards such people, and, well, to everyone. In the resurrection, all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual handicaps, inuries, and illnesses will be healed. We will be healed and comforted from all hurts. By the end of the millennium, we all will have repented of (and/or paid for) our sins and be resurrected. Every tear will be wiped away. Everyone will be restored to their proper form, and we will be content with whatever form we are restored/resurrected to, with a full realization that God’s judgements and decress are just. If indeed a spirit of one gender is born into a physical body of the opposite gender, God will put it right in the resurrection. I also believe that if some illness/accident/whatever causes someone to mistakenly think their spirit is of the opposite gender, that illness/accident/misunderstanding/whatever will be healed or corrected.So, if Chaz’s spirit really is male, I think he’ll get a male body in the resurrection. If Chaz’s spirit really is female, it will be a female body, but at the same time he/she will be restored/healed to a proper understanding, and to such a degree, that he/she will actually _want_ whatever resurrected body God provides. That can be a scary thought. Because coming to the _true_ understanding of things that God wants us to know, might require us to abandon things that we are currently absolutely sure of. (There are likely many things that very orthodox members of the church have wrong, and those misunderstandings will eventually be corrected too. )But as I understand it, that’s one of the pre-requisites of resurrection. Kneeling before God, and acknowledging that He is perfect and just in all His judgements and decrees. (“Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess…” etc.)

  5. Hi Walkingbetween,
    Very interesting, I took a few lessons for almost one year and I’ve never heard of those stupid music played during our practice and at our mini-shows.
    I look forward to your next post

  6. Hello one and all at SOAR Just an update on Shorty. Well, going on 2 mthons and he is GREAT! He has a girl friend as you know, Big Nell a St. Bernard. They lie on the living room floor together and when not wrestling watching t.v. After supper we go for walks on the beach. Nell and Shorty chase each other and attack the sea weed monsters. They then explore the muddy pond and spend hours in the mud making quite a mess of them selves. Then baths and a little snack before bed. They never go far. Shorty is just as sweet as can be. His only bad habit in the house was going on the dinning room table to look out. We had a couple long discussions on that and he has stopped. Klink and Coco my long haired dachshunds are getting up in years and Shorty looks after them. Hope to shoot some pics soon, We’ll be up for a visit soon, Our best to all,

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