DWTS Week 2: Cuban

Injustice #1:

Helio had little to none hip action. The choreography covered that up really well so it didn’t show. He got 27 the highest of the night which was very undeserving in my opinion.

Injustice #2:

Mark Cuban was decent in his Mambo. I thought of the three men dancing Mambo his upper body action was at least the second best. And his footwork was pretty good too. They also said he put in more hours than anyone this week, and it showed. Yet he got the second worst score of the night. I’m not a fan of his but I just put in some votes for him, mostly because I don’t want to see him working so hard yet get boot on a pretty good performance. He has a problem with the fan base and on top of that, his constant singing while he was dancing did not help him look good. He did that probably because he was nervous while still trying to put on a performer’s face, but still.

Like last year’s Heather Mills, I think people who are neither athlete nor TV/music star are kind of in a disadvantageous position when it comes to fan voting. Other than having a smaller fan base, they don’t have the charisma of an actor/actress who’s comfortable with the camera, nor do they have the physical advantages of an athlete.

My predication is he won’t last long but he won’t go home tomorrow either because some sympathy votes (like mine) will likely go his way tonight.

Aside from those, I thought Sabrina really surprised me with her Quickstep, as in my previous post I didn’t think she would do as well in ballroom. Jennie did well too but the slip in the end kind of overshadowed the performance. When something like that happened you realize this was indeed live TV.

There were quite a few funny moments tonight and Drew Lachey did a good job again. But the one I remembered the most was the “I’m dancing Mambo!… I THINK” bit from Helio’s pre-dance clip. He’s a funny guy.

Also a very memorable line was from Edyta/Cameron’s clip where Edyta said to a frustrated Cameron, “I need you to believe whatever you’re doing and whatever you are is good enough… You are never going to be perfect“.

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12 responses to “DWTS Week 2: Cuban

  1. THanks. a friend forwarded this to me a few minutes ago. I appreciate the comments and the votes !


  2. thanks for the quick response :-D

    this is why I love blogging…

    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. wow that is indeed the US. a guy who performed on DWTS commented on your blog! how cool is that?? i would definitely be all happy and excited for the rest of the day if i were you! :P

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog! I too, am a huge fan of the show and have a blog on it as well!

    I enjoy Mark’s enthusiasm, however, I just don’t know if his performance is up to par with some of the other contestants. I think time will tell… whether he shows a marked improvement with each new episode. I didn’t feel he made much improvement this week…

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  5. I agree, it’s the improvement that matters (eventually). But I think Mark did improve from the first week, although it’s hard to compare two different styles of dances really

    3cinr3b, that is the internet…

  6. Regarding Helio… I noticed plenty of hip action on Helio and I think the scores were based on his ability to lead, keep up with Julianne and flow through the performance. Great performance.

  7. you’re probably right on that, he performed very well, but i would still like to see some basic Mambo steps there

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