Why do we fall in love. Why are we brave. Why do we get hurt. Why are we strong. Why do we keep going. Why do we not change. Why are we happy. Why do we not know happiness. Why do we suffer. Why are we in dark. Why are we loved. Why are we held. Why do we not go on. Why do we go on. Why do we not forget. Why do we not cherish. Why do we believe. That we do not believe in why.


2 responses to “Why

  1. Interesting questions. I seem to have the answer. Because you “learned” that from the cultures you have experienced. People – your parents, relatives, teachers, classmates, playments, co-workers, neighbours, as well as people you never met and already passed away, who you read their thoughts about those topics in magazines, text books, books, watched on the TV or movie, listened on the radio, influrenced you. Yes, you are independent. You can choose to accept or reject those ideas and thoughts. But you are influrenced anyway. None of those concepts are human nature. All of them are culture, which we learned from people and environment around us.

  2. That’s right! At least, you have “why”. so you are going to find the reasons and will get the answers.

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