Some great books I’ve read the last year or so

This is another list of mine that was on my Live Space. Since I already wrote it I shouldn’t leave it behind…

Life of PiHow far can faith and imagination take you…

The Kite Runner


6 responses to “Some great books I’ve read the last year or so

  1. the time traveler’s wife is a really good read, even though i didn’t like the ending. :( have you read flowers for algernon by daniel keyes? it’s sci-fi without being too scientific, a little like the time traveler’s wife,.

  2. actually i just went to our local library last night looking for time traveller’s wife and kite runner

    unfortunately such popular novels are hard to get my hands on from a library!

  3. nylusmilk: I hate the ending too…

    Jie: their audiobook versions are also very good

  4. I’ve also heard many good things about ‘Life of Pi and ‘Time Traveller’s Wife’. I like your list!

    Hmm, I think my next book will be ‘The Kite Runner’ and one of my most recent one was ‘My Sister’s Keeper’. It is such a sad and touching book. I thought the ending was fitting though. Long time since I enjoyed a tear-jerking book so much. *thumbs up*

  5. “The Time Traveler’s Wife “, I plan to look for it in Shenzhen this weekend….

  6. funny thing is i didn’t like the ending of My Sister’s Keeper either… guess I liked the heroine too much…

    tt, 居然有香港买不到深圳能买到的东西。。。

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