Why Don’t More People Blog?

That sounds like a silly question considering how many people are blogging these days. Political blogs, technology blogs, everything. If there is a subject, someone is blogging about it.

But I’m talking about “personal blogs” here. Blogs where you ramble about your everyday life, work, thoughts, friends, cooking… all things “you”. Yeah it could be boring if all you write is “today I went to Wal-mart and bought a new shampoo” or “I had Chinese takeout and it took 45 minutes to arrive” (heck who knows maybe someone else doesn’t think that boring and have a similiar experience ;-), but in 99.999% of case, everybody’s life has something different and worthwhile for others to read about, think about, and learn from.

Time is always the #1 excuse, but I think there is some trait related to a person’s ability to persist that is a more important factor in why some blogs never went farther than 4 months and some, lasted a decade.  Some people just have the quality more than the others, to be persistent, keep working and accumulate the result over the long haul (the sad part is, I’m not sure I’m one of those :-( … ).

Of course, there is the matter of priority. Family and work always go before a weblog in life, especially when you have kids to raise. It is almost impossible for a working mother to have the energy to keep up something like this, not even for friends.

But hey, blogging once a month is still considered blogging you know, and your friends may not have time to check your blog weekly anyway! :) Not to mention the joy of blogging about your own kids (haimei, are you listening? :-) ), people could really learn a lot seeing how others raise their children.

Aside from all that, it’s such a wonderful way to keep in touch with your friends. Commenting on something they are doing or thinking is actually easier and much better than saying how are you in an email…

Okay anyway, the entire purpose of this post is to try to lure more of my friends into blogging, so I could have more links (and comments) on my blog…




2 responses to “Why Don’t More People Blog?

  1. People are all different. Some one likes to expose their personal life. Some just want to keep them private. But I agreed with you that the majority of the people are social animals and would like share. So, keep pitching!

  2. i think a personal blog doesn’t have to be private… you read a good book you want to talk to someone about it, but people around you may not have read that book… or a good movie… or a hobby that nobody else you know seems to have…

    yeah it looks like i’m pitching way too hard… xixi

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