My 215th attempt at keeping a Blog

Today is a special day. It is my husband’s birthday.

But that is not why it is special (I’m sorry cc).

It is special because I happened to remember that my other almost-dead email account needs some space cleanup. I have stopped using it for a long time but never bothered to close it for good, so I check it once every a few months to cleanup junks and then leave.

I opened the mailbox and surprisingly saw a new mail in my friends folder. All my friends know I’ve stopped using this account. Apparently, one of them forgot. It was simply an invitation to be added to his friends list in his newly created Windows Live Space.

His newly created Windows Live Space _two months ago_.

I followed the link and arrived at his space. And from there linked a couple of (my) other friends’ spaces.

Then I started reading.

Those are friends I have not been in touch with for a long time. I know little about what/how they are doing with their life, except they are all doing fine.

Now I know more, a lot more.

That was when it became special.

I have had blogs before. Once for fun, once for my kitties. None of them lasted long. Life is hectic and too much work is already in it.

However, I also know that all good things come at a price, and not a single one of them comes without work.

And most importantly, for the first time, I believe I can keep it up. Not for friends, although they are very important :), but more importantly, I want to do this for myself.

So here it is. The Between.


3 responses to “My 215th attempt at keeping a Blog

  1. 我也一直在思考为什么会有这么多人喜欢写博客,的确这是一项挺辛苦的工作。也许是自己的日记,也许是一个专门给自己发表的杂志,也许只为了有地方可以写写东西。不管为什么,有了博客,至少给了自己一个写自己的地方,也给了个别人了解我们的窗口。恭喜你也开了这么一间小屋,有空我会常来坐坐!

  2. 上个月底,前roomate帮我从北京背来了从1992-2000所有的信件,一封一封看过去,时光象电影一样倒流播放,有你初到米国时寄来的postcard,还有我们曾经的相片,那时bb你还是瘦骨伶仃。


  3. You are a new wordpress-er too! Gosh and you have too many blogs for you own good too! And you reminded me to clean up my almost dead email too!

    I think I’m going to enjoy reading your posts from now on! ;)

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